Metaverse development company

ChickenFish Games is focusing on Metaverse development and adoption. Coming from an extensive gamedev experience with AR & VR expertise, we are well suited to develop metaverse application and virtual services for you. Let's build and experience our virtual future together.

Metaverse development and blockchain integration is getting increasingly popular in gaming. Multiple games have integrated AR and VR versions. Companies like Meta are heavily focusing their expertise on virtual experiences. A lot of recent attention to virtual experiences came during the rise of gaming NFTs. Developing groundbreaking services is tricky, but experts predict more social apps in the metaverse within the next 5 years.

A lot of NFT companies are looking to build art and social experiences like virtual galleries. While the development is quite straightforward, various visualizations and interactions can create unique services for the participants. Blockchain integration is a big aspect of this and pushes blockchain ecosystems to develop new wallet use-cases.

Companies often view metaverse as an opportunity to promote their products and build brand loyalty. You can visualize your clothing, toys, appliances etc. The metaverse experience is very engaging. Creating one can help optimize marketing.

Travel companies look to develop in metaverse for several reason. It is the ultimate way to create a preview for the tour experience. If you have a customer interested, there is no better way to close the deal than a virtual tour demonstration. Some virtual travel companies offer metaverse tours as a substitute to physical travelling.

Virtual real estate applications often help customers browse and choose among different options. This saves a lot of agents' time and creates an engaging customer experience. Virtual apartment tours are becoming a must-have service in competitive markets.

Virtual events companies build apps that help experience events online. Going to a concert no longer means any actual movement. These are different experiences, sure. But now those who cannot travel or afford a full-price ticket also have an option to attend. For artists, this gives a new opportunity for virtual ad integration.

Virtual shopping is a new trend in e-commerce. Unlike service companies, there are usually physical products present. There is almost no social interaction and the focus is on the correct product placement and visualization.

Metaverse development

As a metaverse development company, we try to focus on bringing a fun and engaging experience based on your business goals. You don't need to know how the app will work, talk to us about your goals and we will help you develop from start to finish.

Clients like to know how long the development is. While it hugely depends on the kind of experience we strive to build, we normally try to provide the art and visualization within the first 2 months.