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We develop and produce casual and modern games for iPhone and Android phones, HTML5 and desktop-based games and projects


About Us


Our games are fun and easy to play. They are fit for all age and social groups and are designed to lighten the mood


We optimize the games for various devices with thousands of different hardware configurations, ensuring smooth gameplay without lags


ChickenFish team takes great effort at keeping our games safe for your devices and personal information, ensuring the safety of all your data

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35 HP

Collect knives by killing harmless bots and proceed to fight till death with your opponents. The goal is to kill all the others or to remain alive until the end with most knives collected. Use power-ups to enhance your strategy and be careful when you choose to engage in battle, timing is of the essence!

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Color GO

Ride along in the world of flat electricity. Build up energy by collecting blocks but be careful to pick only the right colors. Charge up your batteries to the fullest to buy new skins and to upgrade towards new adventures.

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Never Pool

Score balls in traditional pool and progress further down the table by overcoming barriers and sticky slimes. Upgrade your hit power and hit quantity by using points you earn.

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Based in Kiev, Ukraine