AR development

Augmented reality is still a very new and extremely engaging technology. Many people have experienced it through gaming via Pokemon Go, but a lot of AR development also focuses on marketing services. The technology is great for transforming user experience and conveying new ideas. In our experience as a developer, user engagement is 2 to 3 times higher in apps where AR mobile development was chosen over the traditional flow.

To achieve your goals with AR developments it is imperative to use the technology at the right place and the right time, and we are happy to discuss that and consult you before any of the work starts.

AR app development is different from VR. It is important to understand where each solution is used. For virtual reality the goal is to make a very immersive experience and it comes with a cost in the real world - you need the right gear, space and more time for preparation of the user. It is great for games, events and presentations.

AR apps development is more suitable for cases where you expect the user not to be curated and let him independently discover the augmented reality features of the application. Our solution is to let him interact with the real world like he would and use the chance to tell him about your company and products.

At ChickenFish Games we used to focus on AR & VR game development but as the technology and adoption of these new realities grew, so did our client list and industries we cover. Ideally we expect you to come to us with your goals listed - be that marketing, presentation, software, expo or metaverse development.

First thing we do is talk and consult you on the right ways for the technology to be applied. We want the product to serve its purpose and preparation for that is key to our success together. We'll make sure you can talk to our software developer and your vision for the solution.

Android AR development normally uses the same technology and software as iOs AR development. We do all of our AR development using Unity 3D and its AR kit that is great to cover most of our needs. There are some differences when finalizing the project for both apple AR development and Android, but ultimately it saves a lot of time. Talk to us to get the best AR app development cost.

There are several types of augmented reality apps that our AR development company produces. Location-based and projection augmented reality are widely used in AR game development, but can also be a great choice for any kind of industrial or engineering applications. Marker-based augmented reality is widely used is developing AR applications for utility oriented services and promo campaigns. Superposition based augmented reality cases vary from medicine and educational applications to fashion companies and filter apps.

Contact us today to figure out the best way for you company to make use of Augmented Reality and drive engagement and impress your users. Together we can transform your idea into a functional augmented reality solution.